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Center For Oral Rehabilitation Everberg

CVORE is a modern practice with two dental chairs. It started out as a family practice founded by Michel Vandendael .

Our Approach

With our team we like to offer a personalized accompaniment. We distinguish ourselves from other bigger clinics by our closeness with our patients.

Tandarts Everberg, dentist, dentiste, vandendael mathieu

At CVORE we work with the most recent devices and technologies

Our Practice

A few pictures of our practice located in Everberg.

balie, tandartsenpraktijk, everberg, brussel, kortenberg, cvore, tandheelkunde
implantologie, tandartsenpraktijk, everberg, kortenberg, brussel, tandarts, cvore, vandendael, mathieu
Tandartsenpraktijk, everberg, kortenberg, brussel, vandendael, cvore, tandpijn, tandheelkunde, rehabilitatie
CVORE, Vandendael, cabinet, tandartsenpraktijk, dentiste, dentist
tandartsenpraktijk everberg, kortenberg, brussel, cvore, rehabilitatie, tanden, tandpijn, vandendael
CVORE, tandartsenpraktijk, vandendael, everberg, kortenberg, brussel, tandheelkunde, endontologie, jaarlijkse controle
CEREC, vandendael, mathieu, everberg, kortenberg
Wachtzaal, cvore,e verberg, kortenberg, tandarts, vandendael, mathieu, tandartsenpraktijk


In the event of acute pain, we look together for a solution to get to you as quickly as possible.

You can always reach us at the number

02/759 85 84 or via mail :

Are there problems during the weekend or on a public holiday?

Then you can reach the guard service of the Flemish Dentists Association from 9:00 am until 18:00 at the number 0903/39969.

Get to know our team

We take care of your teeth with pleasure

Mathieu Vandendael, tandarts, CVORE, everberg, kortenberg, bruxelles
Mathieu Vandendael

General Dentist

Specialization in Endodontics and esthetic dentistry

laura buttiens, cvore, tandarts, everberg, algemeen tandarts, kortenberg, brussel, dentist, dentiste
Laura Buttiens

General Dentist

Specalisation in endodontics

Dorea Victor

Dental Assistant