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Our mission and vision

More than 30 years of experience

Our team of dentists

We have been training a team of four dentists who are constantly

improving their skills to offer you the best possible care.

Mathieu Vandendael

Mathieu Vandendael graduated in 2005 from the VUB. He didn’t sit down after. He started working in his father’s practice in July 2005 and began a specialization in esthetic dentistry that he finished in 2007. After that he started a year-long specialization in endodontics and became a resident from 2008 to 2010 in the endodontics service from the VUB. In 2011 he completed his specialization with one in microsurgery and started teaching students. A year later he became responsible for the clinic in endodontics and in 2014 he got promoted to chief of the service of endodontics.

Laura Buttiens

Laura graduated from the RWTH in Aachen (Germany) in 2016. After doing three months of voluntary work as a dentist, she started her internship in Gent in the practice of Pr. Cleymaet. In 2018 she started a specialization in endodontics at the VUB. Nowadays, she works in Gent, at the VUB and since february 2019 she completes our team from CVORE.