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Our wide range of treatments

Our Approach

A tooth has a structure composed of enamel, dentin and nerve tissue who are connected to each other. A simple filling could disturb this balance. That’s why it is of great importance to treat the tooth with a biomimetic approach so we can preserve the integrity of the tooth.

For each treatment we work in a way of restoring the tooth’s original anatomy while removing as little as possible of the tooth’s tissue. This is feasible thanks to the products that we use whom are imitating really well the natural tooth’s tissue that has been lost.

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Wide range of treatments

We offer a wide range of treatments possible that go from esthetic work to root canal treatments, complex prosthetic rehabilitations, temporo-mandibular articulation problems and also annual checkups and scaling. Our practice is nicely furnished and has the most recent equipment.

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A modern practice

During treatments we often use a microscope or magnifying glasses that help us getting a clear view of the situation presenting in front of us.

The practice is entirely digitalized, from the radiographies to optical impressions. We work with the most recent equipment for a more efficient and faster work.

Our treatments


General Dentistry

A healthy mouth is essential for a good general health and quality of life. That’s why it’s important to act preventively to maintain a healthy mouth. During the annual checkup your mouth will be examined both clinically and radiologically.

If necessary, other appointments will be made to treat your teeth. Your parodontium will also be examined it includes the gums, ligament and bone surrounding the teeth. If necessary we will measure the situation so we can compare it after cleaning and a short healing period.


Restorative Dentistry

If we have observed caries during the checkup, a new appointment will be made to treat them. If you have failing fillings, we will gladly treat them on another appointment as well.



It’s important to check your children’s teeth already at a young age (as of 2 years old). We do it in as calm way as possible so your children won’t be scared. We explain everything thoroughly so he will feel at ease.



A root canal treatment or devitalization called an endodontic treatment when the nerve is damaged or necrosed. This could be due to a trauma, a cavity or a crack in the tooth. During the treatment the roots will be totally disinfected and a filling will be placed.

During this treatment, the roots are completely disinfected and a filling is then placed.

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endodontics, endodontie, tandarts, dentist, vandendael, everberg, kortenberg, tandheelkunde
endodontie, endodontics, tandarts, dentist, vandendael, everberg, kortenberg

Aesthetic treatments

When one or more teeth are affected and there’s not enough tissu left to have an anchorage that’s adequate enough, another possibility is to place a crown or a bridge. Depending on the quantity of tissu left, different options are possible.

It is also possible to bleach your teeth if desired.



When a teeth can’t be preserved we can replace it with an implant. It’s a sort of screw made out of titan that’s placed into the bone and will be integrated after a while. The implantologist will place the implant and after a healing period the dentist will place the restoration.


Removable Prosthetics

These prosthetics are still current. If only a few teeth are missing, we’re talking about a partial denture. If all teeth have to be replaced it is a complete denture.

Some options are possible like a metallic base for more comfort or the placement of implants to fix upon the denture.


In the event of acute pain, we look together for a solution to get to you as quickly as possible.

You can always reach us at the number

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Are there problems during the weekend or on a public holiday?

Then you can reach the guard service of the Flemish Dentists Association from 9:00 am until 18:00 at the number 0903/39969.

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Mathieu Vandendael

General Dentist

Endodontist and esthetics

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Laura Buttiens

General Dentist

Specalisation in endodontics

Inez Vandeven

Dental Assistant

Dorea Victor

Dental Assistant